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20 Mightiest Vampire Hunters, Officially Ranked

20 Mightiest Vampire Hunters, Officially Ranked

For nearly each vampire, there’s a vampire hunter. Vampires could also be thrilling, they could be scorching, they could even have good intentions now and again, however additionally they drink human blood. Due to that, they may all the time have human enemies. Hunters know the reality: vampires exist and characterize an existential menace to the human inhabitants. Luckily, hunters additionally know there are methods to eliminate vampires if one has the best instruments and the desire to make use of them. Vampire hunters are sometimes on a noble quest to save lots of individuals who inadvertently discover themselves preyed on by the undead. They put themselves in hurt’s means as a result of they’ve nurtured the talents they should shield and defend others. And if meaning they will work out a private vendetta towards vampire-kind within the course of, even higher.

Right here we rank popular culture’s mightiest vampire hunters. No vampires or dhampirs, although. Whereas quite a few vampires and half-vampires hunt their very own type, together with Vampire Hunter D, Blade, and Angel, you gained’t discover them on this record. The hunters listed aren’t youngsters of the night time. A few of them are purely human, whereas some have slightly one thing additional that makes them the right adversary for the vampires they search to finish. Regardless, these hunters found the vampire menace  and determined they couldn’t sit this battle out. They jumped into the battle and located they have been truly fairly good at it. That is what makes them completed vampire hunters. Right here they’re, formally ranked.


In Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel I Am Legend and lots of of its variations, Robert Neville is the final man on Earth. He’s the one particular person who’s prevented being contaminated by a illness that turns individuals into vampires. Neville spends his days dispatching sleeping vampires by driving stakes by way of their hearts and his nights barricaded in his home because the vampires turn into lively.

As Neville researches the reason for the illness, he additionally determines higher methods to kill the vampires, together with publicity to daylight. Neville turns into so environment friendly at killing the vampires, that he attracts the eye of a brand new group that has discovered to reside with the illness — a improvement that finally results in Neville’s downfall — and his turning into the legend of the title.


Santa Carla, a small California seashore city, is infested with vampires. Whereas most individuals spend their days enjoying within the solar and sand, unaware of what lurks within the shadows after darkish, brothers Edgar and Alan Frog know the reality. Once they meet the brand new man on the town, Sam, they try to make use of comedian books to show him concerning the vampire menace.

They ultimately group up with Sam to take down the vampires after Sam’s brother turns into contaminated. This places their largely untested information of the undead to the check. Whereas the Frog Brothers have a surprisingly good grasp of the methods to kill vampires, their execution might use some work. However they handle to remain alive, and that counts for lots.


Father Donald Callahan is a creation of horror novelist Stephen King. He initially appeared in his guide ‘Salem’s Lot the place he first discovered about vampires. In that e-book, the troubled alcoholic priest leads his first vampire hunts. Nevertheless, when Callahan encounters Kurt Barlow, the top vampire, he loses his religion and is pressured to drink Barlow’s blood. After these demeaning occasions, Callahan slinks out of city.

When Callahan resurfaces in a number of of King’s Darkish Tower books, he turns into a simpler vampire hunter, learns extra about the different sorts, and ultimately finds his religion restored. Though he ultimately dies throughout a battle with a gang of vampires, his story is finally certainly one of redemption, and his dedication to searching vampires is an enormous a part of that.


Vanessa, from the TV present Van Helsing, is a descendent of Abraham Van Helsing. Nevertheless, she was adopted at a younger age and has no information of her heritage. So, when vampires rise and take management of the world, she’s shortly taken out. Three years later, she wakes up and learns that she’s an virtually good vampire killing machine. She has superb preventing expertise and her chew turns vampires again into people

But, there’s one thing odd about this vampire hunter. She learns that when she drinks blood, it makes her stronger and quicker. Additionally, if she feels threatened, she flies into an animalistic rage, preventing with out mercy. As a hunter, Vanessa’s all intuition, no techniques. Hopefully she’ll ultimately discover ways to higher handle her vampire-hunting expertise.



Carl Kolchak sees lifeless individuals — and all types of supernatural monsters. The protagonist of 1972 and 1973 TV films and of a one-season TV collection from 1974 to 1975, Kolchak is a journalist who retains discovering himself investigating tales whose causes become supernatural.

Kolchak sees the supernatural threats to the world clearly, however he has hassle convincing others that what he discovers is actual. The proof of his claims is usually destroyed, making his tales appear implausible. And but, utilizing trial and error and a crude information of the supernatural, Kolchak tends to prevail over the creatures he takes on, together with a vampire he staked in his very first tv outing.


Those that are acquainted with the 1998 British mini-series Ultraviolet will know that CIB’s itemizing here’s a little bit of a misdirect. Whereas the vampire searching group says they’re a part of CIB as a canopy story, the group is definitely the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Religion. It has the joint help of the British authorities and the Vatican and is led by a priest.

The group makes use of often-brutal techniques to seek out and kill any vampires they discover. In the meantime, they research the vampire’s physiology they usually examine what the vampires are as much as as they manage towards humankind. The Congregation is aware of they’re in a warfare with the vampires — they usually’re decided to win.


15. Anita Blake detective

Anita Blake, the protagonist of Laurell Okay. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter collection is, because the title states, knowledgeable vampire hunter who works with the police to cease supernatural threats. In Blake’s world, the existence of supernatural creatures is public information, which suggests somebody should management the creatures that break the regulation. That individual is Blake.

Not solely is Blake a vampire hunter, she can also be a necromancer who can increase the lifeless to query them. All through the e-book collection, Blake positive aspects further powers, typically on account of her encounters with highly effective vampires. Whereas Blake is very competent at her job, she typically will get slightly too near the supernatural creatures she’s supposed to research and execute.


In John Carpenter’s 1998 movie Vampires, Jack Crow leads a staff of vampire hunters — till they’re virtually all slaughtered in an ambush by the primary, and subsequently strongest, vampire. Crow, certainly one of solely two of the workforce’s survivors, goes after the grasp vampire who’s in search of a Catholic relic that may permit him to grow to be invulnerable to daylight.

With the assistance of a priest, a prostitute, and his lone dwelling group member, Crow manages to thwart the vampire’s plans and kill him within the course of. Alongside the best way, Crow additionally beats up a priest and kills an entire lot of lesser vampires. Crow’s not probably the most nice particular person, however he will get the job achieved — and in relation to vampires, that’s what issues.


Melaka Fray from the Fray graphic novel is a vampire slayer, she simply doesn’t comprehend it. Far sooner or later, lengthy after Buffy’s time, Fray learns about her calling. There hasn’t been a slayer for a very long time as a result of the forces of darkness have been principally killed off, however in Fray’s time they begin to make a comeback.

Though Fray had the improved preventing and therapeutic talents that include the slayer package deal, she hasn’t had any of the goals that alert slayers to their particular objective. As an alternative, that information was granted to her twin brother, Harth, who used it to turn into a vampire, and to attempt to convey Hell to Earth. With little or no coaching, Fray bests Harth’s supernatural military and thwarts his plans.


Solomon Kane, a creation of Robert E. Howard (who additionally created Conan the Barbarian), is a dour late 16th century Puritan who clothes all in black and wanders the world preventing monsters and demons of all types, together with vampires. The character appeared in numerous tales in pulp magazines however has additionally been the topic of a movie, comics, and even a role-playing recreation.

Regardless of his rootless, solitary existence, Kane is a remarkably efficient hunter and killer. He tracks supernatural evil throughout Europe and Africa with a single-minded depth that all the time results in the downfall of the beasts he’s searching.


In response to Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Lincoln wasn’t simply the 16th president of the USA, he was additionally an ace vampire hunter. On the tender age of 11, Lincoln learns that his mom was killed by vampires, and he vows to kill as most of the undead as attainable in retaliation.

In the middle of pursuing his quest to finish the bloodsucking scourge, he learns that evil vampires are buying slaves at public sale for meals. Lincoln involves the conclusion that ending slavery will finish vampires. He turns into the president to pursue these ends and manages to largely drive the vampires from America. Credit score the place it’s due — serving as president by day and vampire hunter by night time isn’t straightforward.


The vampires that populate the Underworld films are fixated on preserving their bloodline pure. This is a matter that began with the primary Lycan, Lucian. Lucian was the kid of a werewolf at a time when werewolves have been slaves to vampires. In contrast to the werewolves, although, Lucian might change from human to wolf at will, making him the primary Lycan.

When Lucian falls in love with a vampire and the connection is found, the chief of the vampires condemns the couple to demise. Lucian manages to flee and rallies the Lycans towards the vampires, beginning the Vampire-Lycan Warfare that’s nonetheless raging centuries later. Between being enslaved by them and watching them kill his lover, Lucian has some fairly reliable causes for eager to eradicate vampires.

eight. HOLTZ (ANGEL)

Daniel Holtz is a strong vampire hunter who appeared on the Buffy spin-off Angel, however that doesn’t make him an ally of the supernatural-slaying vampire-with-a-soul. Holtz initially hunted vampires within the 18th century. However when Angelus and Darla killed his spouse and toddler son and turned his daughter right into a vampire, Holtz agreed to a demon’s supply to enter suspended animation to hunt his revenge on the vampires later.

Holtz is reanimated in 2001 the place he learns Angelus now has a soul — and an toddler son. Eager to trigger Angel as a lot ache as attainable, Holtz devises an elaborate plan to kidnap the child and switch him towards Angel. Whereas Holtz was an efficient vampire killer, he was maybe much more efficient at exacting revenge.


Sam and Dean Winchester, the heroes of the TV present Supernatural, hunt something that goes bump within the night time and typically meaning vampires. They’re completed vampire hunters each collectively and individually. Not solely have they taken out entire nests of the undead, Sam even killed the primary and strongest Alpha Vampire.

In fact, that doesn’t imply all vampires are dangerous. The brothers have been recognized to spare vampires who don’t feed on human blood. Moreover, for some time Dean’s greatest good friend was a vampire with a coronary heart of gold named Benny who ultimately agrees to die with a view to assist Dean get his brother again.



It’s plain that Blade is the star vampire hunter of the Blade tales. Nevertheless, Abraham Whistler performs an enormous position in Blade’s life as a mentor, father determine, and educated dispatcher of vampires in his personal proper. Whistler turned a vampire hunter after his household was taken out by a brutal vampire that additionally tortured him. His mission is pushed by vengeance, resulting in a lonely existence targeted solely on ridding the world of the undead.

When Whistler finds a younger Blade and realizes how highly effective the half-vampire boy is, he trains him and develops a serum to suppress his bloodlust. Whistler turns Blade into an completed vampire killer and fights with him towards the vampires he hates.


The Vampire Diaries featured fairly a couple of vampire hunters over its eight seasons, together with main characters like Jeremy Gilbert and Alaric Saltzman. Nevertheless, probably the most fearsome and relentless of those is Rayna Cruz. Cruz turned a vampire hunter within the 19th century. When her father died, a tribe of Native American shaman give her enhanced talents to proceed to pursue her battle towards the undead, together with power, velocity, and a number of lives.

Since then, she’s hunted down any and all vampires she comes throughout. On the present, Cruz tracks vampire protagonist Stefan Salvatore tirelessly. Ultimately she agrees to surrender her final life to Bonnie, a member of Stefan’s internal circle, as a result of, unbeknownst to Bonnie, she is going to inherit Rayna’s have to kill all vampires.


The household that slays collectively stays collectively — at the very least that’s the case for the Belmont Clan, a household of vampire hunters from the Castlevania video video games. The Belmonts stand towards Dracula — who is consistently being resurrected — era after era with their most important weapon, a whip referred to as the Vampire Killer that may destroy vampires and different creatures of darkness.

Simon Belmont is probably probably the most well-known member of the household and was the primary protagonist within the Castlevania video games. He takes on Dracula at his citadel and manages to defeat him, regardless of being injured and cursed within the course of.


The manga and anime collection Hellsing facilities on the work of the Hellsing Group, a army group whose aim is to guard Britain from supernatural creatures. The group is run by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, a descendent of Abraham Van Helsing. She is completely loyal to her nation and devoted to her mission, and ensures the group is very efficient at rooting out and stopping supernatural evil.

In fact, the Hellsing Group has a not-so-secret weapon within the type of the almost invincible vampire Alucard. Sir Integra is Alucard’s grasp and when the going will get robust, Alucard is Hellsing’s greatest hope to get the job achieved. Fortuitously, the group is usually capable of deal with all types of threats, even with out the vampire’s assist.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers is the newest in an extended line of vampire slayers. Every era grants one woman the facility of the slayer and in Buffy’s era, that woman is her. Buffy initially resists her calling, however ultimately embraces her position because the Chosen One. She turns into extremely completed at dispatching vampires and all types of different demons, and stops the apocalypse on multiple event.

Buffy grows so dedicated to her mission that she has died twice and nonetheless comes again for extra. By the top of the TV collection, she additionally decides to share her energy with different potential slayers. Past her bodily expertise, her power of character — together with her religion in others — makes her really distinctive.


Professor Abraham Van Helsing of Dracula fame isn’t a super-powered vampire hunter like many on this record. Nevertheless, he’s probably the most well-known vampire hunter there’s and his place on the prime of the vampire slaying heap exhibits no indicators of fading anytime quickly. Within the novel Dracula, Van Helsing works with John Seward, Arthur Holmwood, Quincey Morris, and Jonathan and Mina Harker to root out and kill Dracula. He’s the resident vampire skilled, shedding mild on the undead and the way to kill them.

Van Helsing has appeared in numerous variations of Dracula, typically as probably the most educated and completed vampire hunter there’s. Van Helsing’s legacy has endured with Dracula’s leading to each his and his descendants continued battle towards the vampires.

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