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30 Awesome Side Quests Hidden In Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee

Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! are concurrently a few of the most nostalgic Pokémon video games in current reminiscence, and a breath of recent air for the decades-old collection. By reimagining the occasions of Pokémon Yellow and incorporating mechanics from the extremely widespread Pokémon GO cellular recreation, these new titles are extremely approachable for newcomers and a deal with for veteran gamers. Positive, they’re a bit extra watered down than most different JRPGs, they usually don’t push the hardware almost so far as the originals did, however seeing the joyous and intriguing world of Pokémon rendered in the most effective graphics ever seen within the collection completely makes up for these shortcomings.

At their core, these video games are fairly just like the originals. You enterprise out right into a world that’s barely stranger and extra magical than our personal, catch a bunch of cool and cute monsters, after which turn out to be the easiest Pokémon coach by defeating all of the Health club Leaders and the Elite 4. This time, although, there are much more non-compulsory aspect quests that a participant can select to deal with between amassing badges and foiling Staff Rocket’s  depraved schemes. Nevertheless, a few of these aspect quests are simpler stated than completed. An excellent variety of these aspect quests will appear acquainted to those that performed the unique video games, however there’s loads of new, optionally available content material for veteran gamers as properly. These 30 aspect quests are completely elective, however it’s going to assist each participant get much more content material out of those terrific video games.

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30 Play With Your Companion

by way of:

Shortly after both of the video games start, a participant will unlock the power to play with their associate Pikachu or Eevee. With this function, a participant can pet their associate Pokémon, feed them berries, or watch them react to occasions happening within the overworld.

If their friendship is raised excessive sufficient utilizing this function, Pikachu or Eevee will even give the participant coronary heart scales now and again. That is the one dependable technique of getting this type of merchandise in these video games and they’re essential to customizing a Pokémon’s moveset, so accumulating them is tremendous helpful.

29 Seize Articuno

by way of:

The legendary chook, Articuno, is probably going going to be the primary legendary Pokémon gamers have an opportunity at catching. Discovered on the backside of the Seafoam Islands, a participant can get to the ice chook by fixing boulder puzzles that cease quickly flowing water.

Fixing this puzzle lets a participant advance to Cinnabar Island and problem Articuno to a battle in the event that they so select. After defeating the Ice and Flying-type monster in a timed battle, gamers could have the prospect to catch this hidden monster.

28 Acquire Bottle Caps

by way of:

Bottle caps and gold bottle caps are needed to completely maximize a Pokémon’s stats. Doing this isn’t completely crucial to finish the sport, nevertheless it does give any given monster a aggressive edge in multiplayer battles.

A participant can discover bottle caps by looking via the Celadon Recreation Nook day by day, and urgent “A” each time your companion wags their tail. Taking these bottle caps to a person on the Pokémon Day Care will allow you to make a monster of your selecting much more highly effective.

27 Seize Moltres

by way of:

Moltres is the simplest of the legendary birds to overlook. This phoenix is present in a hidden stretch of Victory Street that many gamers may miss of their rush to problem the Elite 4 on the finish of the trail.

Just like Articuno, a participant might want to beat Moltres in a battle earlier than a timer runs out if they need an opportunity at catching the monster. Whereas this may increasingly look like a frightening process in such a high-level space, fortunately, a kindly Officer named Jenny will heal your Pokémon shortly earlier than the encounter.

26 Go Shiny Searching

by way of:

In the Pokémon Let’s Go video games, searching down shiny Pokémon is simpler than ever. By catching Pokémon of the identical species time and again, the probability of a shiny monster showing dramatically will increase.

Granted, it’s nonetheless potential for a participant to spend hours catching the identical monster with no shiny showing, however that’s a part of the enjoyable and what makes them so coveted. Shiny searching isn’t for everyone, however it may be pleasurable in case you simply need to veg out with a recreation after an extended and demanding day.

25 Seize Zapdos

by way of:

Zapdos is the simplest of the legendary birds to succeed in… as soon as you understand the place to look. Shortly earlier than Rock Tunnel, a participant can surf down the aspect of the route to succeed in an deserted Energy Plant. On the finish of this facility waits Zapdos, who gamers might want to defeat in battle earlier than getting the prospect to seize the electrical chook.

Even when it appears easy on paper, discovering out an excellent highly effective monster was hiding simply off the sting of the map helped make the Pokémon franchise successful again when the originals premiered.

24 Soar By means of The Air On A Dragon

by way of:

After defeating the Elite 4 and turning into the Pokémon League Champion, a participant will unlock the power to soar larger within the air than ever earlier than. By driving a Charizard, Aerodactyl, or Dragonite, a participant can keep away from obstacles on routes and traverse the world a lot quicker than they might have beforehand.

This function is exceptionally helpful in monitoring down particular Grasp Trainers within the overworld and may even be used to seek out some uncommon/high-level Pokémon. Additionally, it’s depraved cool to fly over anybody or something whereas driving a dragon.

23 Battle Grasp Trainers

by way of:

There’s one Grasp Coach for each species of Pokémon scattered the world over of the Pokémon Let’s Go video games. They solely seem after defeating the Elite 4 and have a single type of Pokémon raised to degree 80.

Additionally, gadgets aren’t allowed throughout these battles, so the fights completely boil right down to who raised the higher Pokémon. These trainers are robust to seek out and even harder to defeat,  which makes them the right post-games aspect quest for hardcore trainers to deal with.

22 Catch The Good Legendary Birds

by way of:

The Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres discovered of their hidden places aren’t the one variations of the legendary monsters a participant can encounter in these video games. Whereas flying excessive within the air, there’s an opportunity for these legendary birds to spawn.

As with all different Pokémon that seems within the overworld, you can begin a catching chain with one of many legendary birds and improve the probability of them having higher stats or a shiny variant showing. Sure, this can take an extremely very long time, however to probably the most devoted trainers, it’s nicely well worth the funding.

21 Get The Anime Starter Trio

by way of:

Yow will discover a Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle within the Pokémon Let’s Go video games with virtually good stats by visiting places that correspond to those monsters’ anime counterparts.

A participant receives a protecting Bulbasaur, an deserted Charmander, and a mischievous Squirtle identical to Ash did within the first season of the anime. You don’t have to make use of and even obtain these monsters in the course of the course of a playthrough, however ignoring this aspect quest may have a participant lacking some of the enjoyable references in these video games.

20 Catch Some Cats Or Canine, And Get One Of The Different

by way of:

In Vermilion Metropolis, there’s a man who will ask the participant if they like Growlithe or Meowth, after which ask them to go seize 5 Growlithe in Let’s Go, Pikachu! or 5 Meowth in Let’s Go, Eevee!.

If a participant takes on this aspect quest, they are going to be rewarded with the other advanced type of the other Pokémon. This aspect quest is exceptionally worthwhile, as each Arcanine and Persian are version-exclusive monsters that a participant often has to acquire via buying and selling.

19 Seize Mewtwo

by way of:

Now probably the most well-known aspect quests in gaming, a participant can seize the extremely highly effective Mewtwo on the backside of Cerulean Cave after they defeat the Elite 4.

Mewtwo’s presence on the backside of the cave is far more telegraphed than within the unique video games, however attending to him can be no more easy. Cerulean Cave options a number of the most complicated puzzles within the recreation and gamers will first need to defeat Mewtwo in a timed battle earlier than having the prospect to seize him.

18 Full The Pokédex

by way of:

Catching one in every of each type of Pokémon is the last word problem in each Pokémon recreation. Between model exclusives and creatures a participant has to decide on between, finishing the Pokédex requires a lot of catching, evolving, and buying and selling monsters.

Whereas finishing the Pokédex is totally optionally available, working along with pals and different gamers to finish the Dex is a large a part of what made Pokémon successful franchise. This creates a way of group that no different collection of video games is sort of capable of replicate.

17 Battle Inexperienced

by way of:

In a shock look that cuts to the deepest elements of Pokémon lore, the scrapped feminine protagonist from the unique video games, Inexperienced, seems within the Pokémon Let’s Go video games. She seems shortly after a participant battles Mewtwo and, if a participant manages to defeat her, awards a participant with the stones that may permit Mewtwo to mega evolve.

Beforehand, Inexperienced solely appeared in some Pokémon idea artwork and the Pokémon Adventures manga, so it’s each a deal with and a problem that she would seem for the primary time in these newest installments within the franchise.

16 Get All The Outfits

by way of:

The Let’s Go video games permit a participant to decorate the avatar and your companion Pokémon with quite a lot of totally different outfits. A few of these are discovered over the course of a traditional playthrough, however a devoted participant might want to exit of their approach to get hold of all of them.

As an example, the basic Group Rocket garb worn by Jessie and James is just obtainable after the participant battles them as soon as they turn into the Champion. This aspect quest is just for many who need to be each one of the best and best-looking coach round.

15 Battle Blue

by way of:

The Let’s Go video games depict barely extra of the Pokémon timeline than the unique video games did. As an alternative of turning into the Viridian Metropolis Fitness center Chief within the interim between the primary and second era of Pokémon video games, his rise to the place occurs within the Pokémon Let’s Go video games.

After defeating the Elite 4, a participant can problem Blue and his full staff of pocket monsters in the event that they so select. This little little bit of aspect content material is a pleasant contact and hopefully signifies that gamers can struggle him once more in a Let’s Go interpretation of the second era of video games.

14 Get All The Alolan Variants

by way of:

One other shocking function of the Let’s Go video games is the presence of Alolan types of a number of Kanto Pokémon. To get the choice variations of those pocket monsters, a participant will first have to seize their unique types after which commerce with particular NPCs in Pokémon Facilities.

If gamers need to take this problem even additional, they will make these trades a number of occasions for an opportunity at an Alolan monster with good stats or a shiny variation. Some Alolan monsters are model exclusives, although, so some buying and selling will probably be required to catch all of them.

13 Get An Aerodactyl

by way of:

In a aspect quest straight out of the unique Pokémon video games, a coach can earn an Aerodactyl as soon as they attain Cinnabar Island. The power right here revives fossils and, if a participant thinks to journey again to Pewter Metropolis and undergo the museum’s again entrance, they will get the Previous Amber and revive an Aerodactyl.

Not solely does Aerodactyl let a participant fly greater after beating the Elite 4, it’s additionally a strong monster that may enhance nearly any group.

12 Battle Pink

by way of:

As soon as a participant turns into the Champion and defeats a minimum of 4 Grasp Trainers, Purple will begin hanging out across the Indigo League Plateau. As the unique protagonist from Pokémon Pink and Blue, he appeared as an opponent for the primary time in Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Very similar to in these video games, Purple is the strongest coach the participant can face since he has a really properly balanced workforce and every of his pocket monsters are above degree 80. This aspect quest will check each battle tactic a participant discovered over the course of their journey.

11 Get A Meltan

by way of:

The newest legendary Pokémon Meltan is an fascinating monster that requires a number of effort to seize. Meltan solely seems within the Pokémon GO cellular video games as soon as a participant efficiently transfers a monster to a Pokémon Let’s Go recreation and prompts the particular merchandise they obtain for the switch.

As soon as the monster is captured within the cellular recreation, it’s fairly straightforward to switch it to the console title. Though, you’ll in all probability need to catch multiple to make the subsequent aspect quest somewhat simpler.

10 Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal

by way of:

Melmetal is the advanced type of Meltan and is harder to seize than its pre-evolution. Uniquely, Meltan solely evolves into Melmetal by feeding it the candies present in Pokémon GO and the Let’s Go video games.

400 candies are wanted to set off the evolution, which signifies that a participant might want to catch a whole lot of Meltan and switch them into Prof. Willow if they need the legendary evolution. It is undoubtedly well worth the effort, although, as Melmetal is definitely one of many strongest creatures in these video games.

9 Commerce, A Lot

by way of:

There’s no direct reward for buying and selling Pokémon with buddies or fellow trainers, however the exercise does assist tremendously with different aspect quests and enhances the Pokémon Let’s Go expertise. Buying and selling is important to finish the Pokédex and is beneficial find shiny monsters.

Furthermore, although, buying and selling lets gamers really feel like part of a group of individuals working in the direction of an analogous objective. It lets individuals bond over a mutual love of Pokémon and lets a participant share their experiences immediately with one other individual.

eight Mess Round In The GO Park

by way of:

The GO Park is a brand new addition to the Pokémon Let’s Go video games and permits a participant to ship monsters from Pokémon GO to the console titles.

When you’ll need to catch the monsters once more in a Let’s Go recreation to make use of them within the console titles, it does permit a participant to construct a staff completely to their liking and make the video games fairly a bit simpler. You’ll be able to even organize which monsters seem during which elements of the GO Park and create parks with totally different themes.

7 Watch A Slowpoke

by way of:

Everytime you go to Pewter Metropolis, a woman will ask you to observe her Slowpoke. Agreeing to take action will set off a cutscene the place your participant simply stares on the Slowpoke whereas it stays immobile and contemplates one thing that’s possible far past human comprehension.

You don’t have to observe this cutscene, and also you don’t need to take a minute to go by yourself contemplative journey, however perhaps, the sport and your life can be higher in the event you did. Significantly, although, take a second to take a look at this simply missable phase; it’s hilarious.

6 Acquire All The TMs

by way of:

TMs are gadgets in Pokémon video games that a participant teaches a monster assaults they may not study in any other case. There are 60 TMs in complete within the Pokémon Let’s Go video games and a few are simpler to get than others.

Some are discovered within the overworld, some are given for defeating highly effective trainers, and others can simply be bought. Educating new strikes to Pokémon can drastically enhance a workforce, or on the very least, change up a technique that’s rising stale.

5 Drop Your Pokémon Off At The Daycare

by way of:

It’s straightforward to play by way of the whole thing of the Let’s Go video games with out benefiting from the Pokémon Daycare. At this facility, a participant can depart a Pokémon and have it practice and degree up by itself.

There are apparent advantages to utilizing the Daycare, and the degrees gained listed here are extra invaluable than traditional because it’s robust to grind for expertise in these video games. Even when the Daycare is solely optionally available, most gamers will discover it a helpful means to altering up their roster of pocket monsters.

four Go Go to The Truck Of Legend

by way of:

In the Pokémon Let’s Go video games, you possibly can go to the fabled truck within the Vermilion Metropolis harbor by browsing off of the dock. This truck was inexplicably within the unique Pokémon video games and impressed rumors that it was by some means tied to the legendary Mew.

Whereas the truck does seem within the Let’s Go video games, Mew’s presence there’s nonetheless only a rumor. It’s a enjoyable reference and price looking for for any diehard Pokémon fan, however sadly, Mew stays a particularly elusive monster.

three Purchase A Mew

by way of:

The excellent news is that it’s simpler than ever to catch the legendary Pokémon Mew. The dangerous information is that the genetic predecessor to all Pokémon is locked behind a paywall. The Pokéball Plus accent merchandise permits a participant to switch a Mew into the sport and unlocks different options, nevertheless it’ll set a participant again about 50 bucks.

Whereas the Pokéball Plus and corresponding Mew may make for a strong present to a younger Pokémon fanatic, such a steep worth may make it arduous for an individual to justify shopping for the accent for themselves.

2 Problem The Elite 4 Once more

by way of:

Very similar to within the unique video games, a participant can problem the Elite 4 once more after turning into the Champion. Nevertheless, in contrast to within the unique video games, the Elite 4 could have a lot stronger and fleshed-out groups than within the preliminary confrontation.

Not solely is taking over this gauntlet once more a terrific means to make more cash, it’s additionally a good higher problem for these in search of one thing harder than Let’s Go’s lax problem. Anybody can turn into the Champ, nevertheless it requires plenty of follow and talent to carry onto that title.

1 Problem The Fitness center Leaders Once more

by way of:

In contrast to the unique video games, within the Let’s Go titles, a participant can problem the Health club Leaders as soon as extra after turning into the Champion. Their groups shall be a lot stronger than they have been earlier than and can consist of 5 Pokémon leveled to the mid to excessive 50s.

The Kanto Health club Leaders are a few of the most iconic within the collection, and any further time a participant can spend with them, the higher. Taking over these additional highly effective trainers is a superb, post-game problem and a strong strategy to degree up monsters for the opposite steep, post-game challenges.

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